Friday, May 14, 2010

P4E.146 The Best Safety Device is a Careful Man - Part 8

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A safe man is careful with: His eyes (final)

The reason I've spent so much time on this subject is that we can gauge the emphasis of our lives by what we do with our eyes. Is the emphasis of our lives on the flesh or on the spirit?

Sometimes it's only when we try to stop looking at inappropriate things or in inappropriate ways that we realize how much we are looking and how hard it is to stop! But, as my mentor Ken Nair ( emphasizes: "The flesh the absence of being fed."

How much of a grip does my flesh have over me? Shouldn't it be upsetting to me, as a Believer, that it has that strong of a hold on me? What if I got to the place where I realized I wasn't strong enough to break free of that grip? I might have to acknowledge the fact that I need a Savior. That wouldn't be such a bad thing!

I've been approaching this subject with an eye on how we can be careful and safe with those closest to us. The fact is, I'm talking about self-preservation. Or should I say spirit-preservation? What I'm saying is that it's in our own spiritual best interest to be careful with what we do with our eyes.

What I've found in my own life is that when I've looked at inappropriate things and in inappropriate ways I've descended into my own thought life. I become detached. I stop communicating because I'm concentrating on the mental images and thoughts that are going through my mind.

There's a struggle that goes on to maintain a facade of normalcy while my mind degenerates. I go through the physical motions while my mind is distracted and far off. I can get callous and distant. This is not good for maintaining close relationships. And, as I've said before, those who are more spiritually aware (wives) are able to sense and see through it! (A scary thought- have you experienced that?) This seems so important that it will be the next area that I look at being careful with (if you care to go there with me).... our thought life.

Blessings and Peace! Kim

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