Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Preparation 4 Eternity.000 Christian Marriage Problems and Answers

For a over a year I have been e-mailing random thoughts to interested Christian men (and some women) that have been triggered by what I'm learning at Life Partners. Life Partners (www.lifepartners.org) is a Christian marriage ministry,based in Phoenix, Arizona and founded by Ken Nair. Its emphasis is on motivating men to become more Christlike and thereby helping them to become more effectual spiritual leaders to their wives and children and others around them.[Here I must good-naturedly acknowledge that I have become an unashamed, unabashed, (albeit unpaid), pitch man for Ken Nair and Life Partners. The first reason is that Ken, through his book, Discovering the Mind of a Woman, and his ministry has completely changed and saved my marriage and my life. The second reason is knowing that Ken would deflect any praise directed towards himself and point it all in the direction of Jesus Christ and His Word.] I write as much to encourage myself as I do to encourage you. I write to confess my own shortcomings, ask for forgiveness and share what I'm learning in the pursuit of Christlikeness. I've been encouraged to start a blog to address topics of interest. One life-changing concept that Ken Nair has impressed on me is that ALL of life is preparation for eternity. In deference to that concept, I've started the blog under the banner Preparation 4 Eternity. I would love to hear back from you. Peace, Kim

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  1. Kim posted here
    QUOTE: "You should hear what Ken’s interpretation of the “help” that wives are to be to their husbands is! You’d be surprised." ENDQUOTE

    Hi Kim,

    OK, you posted the above on my blog which piqued my curiosity, so here I am at your blog :) Do you have a post with Ken Nair's interpretation of "help"? Perhaps I should try to send my hubby your way.... He read the book once- in one ear and out the other... ((((sigh))))