Wednesday, March 2, 2011

P4E.204 P4Evolution

As evidenced by my last post, P4E.203 A Prescient View Into Heaven and other posts, this blog has begun to evolve. It was originally intended for the Christian husband whose marriage was in crisis. In some very important ways, that still is why I'm writing P4E. For a more detailed explanation of the genesis of P4E, see P4E.000 Christian Marriage Problems and Answers.

While I still ardently believe that, for a husband, marriage is a direct reflection of his relationship with God, I am going to make a slight shift that more accurately represents the idea that ALL of life is preparation for eternity.

What I mean here is that P4E is going to become a more personal account of my journey into understanding my own human spirit and building spiritual maturity in myself and people around me. It will attempt to document how I'm recognizing my fleshly nature and put it to death so that I can grow spiritually.

I want to be aware of when, where and how I'm NOT acting in a Christ-like way and discover how to discipline myself so that I CAN be conformed to Jesus' image and represent Christ to everyone around me.

I'm hoping to become more aware of my own life's physical circumstances and learning how to interpret them as God does, i.e. that they all work together for good.

In this process, I will encourage myself, confess my own shortcomings, ask for forgiveness and log what I'm learning in the pursuit of Christ-likeness.

So, this is a journey to explore what should be the basic questions of every Believer:

Who am I in Christ?
What difference does it make in my life that I am His? 

All of this journey will be relevant to becoming a better marriage partner, because the more Christ-like I become the better husband I am.

If you experience any benefit or insight from my journey of struggles, failures and successes, then God Bless You and You Bless God!

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