Tuesday, March 27, 2007

P4E.016 More of God and Less of Me

"Often, we don't feel the need to be involved unless there is a crisis."
Mark Hamilton, Life Partners

"Trauma opens your eyes to what is going on around you."
Marianne Hamilton, Life Partners

My natural emotional/relational state is one of detachment. Trials force me out of that detachment. When faced with obstacles or trials, my natural (ungodly) response is to get angry, impatient and frustrated. I always wondered why I should 'consider it all joy' when I encountered 'various trials' (James 1).

As I search Scripture I'm realizing that the trials offer me an opportunity to be slooooowwww to anger and thereby gain wisdom (Proverbs 14). The trials provide me with a chance to resist the temptation to sin. (Another word for 'trial' is 'test.') When I respond in my natural way, I build my flesh, I detach, I get callous and worldly. It hurts. If I pass the trial successfully, I build my spirit. I become more aware of my emotions and relationships. I become more involved.

I see that anger, impatience, frustration and detachment are my natural, ungodly state. They harm my own spirit, other's spirits and my relationships with others. In contrast, patience, wisdom and involvement don't come easily, but are an indication that I am drawing closer to God. This is a good thing for me and those closest to me, because we experience more of God and less of me.

Peace, Kim


  1. Kim,

    I like this post. I like your spirit. You seem like a neat and humble dude who's truly seeking God on his knees...the only way. The difficult way.

    Anyway, though...I would like to be involved in the conversation between yourself and Jon Berbaum on justice, metaphysics, ect. from David Fitch's blog. I VERY much resonate with his unpacking of my statements. AND, I do think that many emergents would probably agree with the metaphysical picture that he presented. Also...related, though..."detachment" is very much a symptom or function of the modern metaphysical framework...to the degree that its just "there" and we might not even know where it came from!

    AND...I'm not married...but at this rate, I certainly won't make it past 24 years either, if I do get married. I'm going through lots of healing and learning now too in the whole relationship arena...although I haven't been yet to that website you talked about...

  2. Hey! We're going to get our own little village going on over here.

    I am married, for 5 years now. Our first child, a baby boy, is due in four weeks, so that is super, super cool. I really like what you have to say Kim. I have a lot to learn about being a husband (and being a father just floors me...I'm glad they start immobile, it will give me time to learn.)

    So any way you want to continue our line of thought on metaphysics/justice/etc. is fine with me. We can set up an email group or use your blog or whatever.

    To give away where I come from (and offer up some resources if you want to follow them), I am very influenced by Hauerwas/McIntyre and Eastern Orthodox theology, which I find is completely untouched by much of the events/thinkers who have shaped Western theology, and so present a fantastic counterpoint to our usual ways of thinking. (Alexander Schmemann's "The Life of the World" touches nicely on these spiritual/secular themes we're talking about.)

    Sorry to totally hijack this particular post! Look forward to continuing the dialogue. And welcome Jason--I've seen a lot of your posts on Dave's blog.

  3. Kim, Great words and helpful. Thanks!

  4. Jason,

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    You are totally invited to participate in whatever happens. I'm starting to see what you mean about detachment and the "modern metaphysical framework."

    As for being married, I wouldn't rush it, but I certainly pray that when you do, it will be for life. Take time to heal whatever wounds you have. Learn from those you admire and really identify what it is you admire in them. Getting close to God in prayer and spirit really helps with those things.

    All the Best.

  5. Jon, Thank you too for stopping by. I was really hoping not to lose touch. I will check out the resources you've given me.

    I honestly believe that marriage provides an incredible framework within which to work out one's faith. Having children too.

    We'll figure out some way to continue the dialogue and include Jason too.


  6. Ted, Thank you too. I get soo much out of your blog. I just wish I had time to comment there more.

    Peace, Kim

  7. Hey thanks guys. And Kim, thanks for the healing/mentoring advice. Just in case, guys, my email is:
    jhesiak at yahoo.

    And Jon - I just visited your blog. I see you are another of those Chicagoians doing really cool blog posts all the time. I left a comment on your most recent one, which I shared with some friends via email.

    And on metaphysics, ect...maybe we could set up a little group blog or something? I don't know how to do that, though. Nor do I know how easy or difficult it is.