Wednesday, May 30, 2007

P4E.025 Horse Sense 3

"Consistency is your greatest ally.
Inconsistency is your greatest enemy."
Clinton Anderson

It's amazing how much horse training crosses over to human training! A character quality that I'm working on is "trustworthiness." My wife, Gwen, does not feel safe when I act, speak or think erratically. She doesn't feel safe when she cannot trust me to have the same Christlike character qualities on a consistent basis. She can't relax and be herself when she doesn't know who her husband is going to be day to day. Is he going to be gentle and mild mannered or is he going to be hot-headed and controlling? Loving or selfish? Caring or distracted?

I know the age old issue always comes up: "I'm human, I'll never be perfect." Even though Christ calls us to be perfect, this isn't about being perfect. It's about the sincerity of my pursuit of Christlikeness. What happens when I mess up? Can I consistently recognize my sins, feel genuine sorrow over them, ask for forgiveness and repent from them? Am I creating a track record of being Christlike that is occasionally broken or vice-versa? If I can be consistent in the honorable way that I handle my occasional inconsistencies, even that ministers to my wife. When I am consistent and trustworthy, Gwen is able to feel safe, honored, valued....loved. God help me to be consistently Christlike and trustworthy for her sake!

Peace, Kim

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