Thursday, September 27, 2007

P4E.041 Unpacking 1

I crammed a lot into the last two posts. Gauging by the response, I've been confusing. At the risk of repeating myself (which my wife, Gwen, tells me I do too often) I'll attempt to "unpack" the last couple of posts into bite-sized pieces that are more clear.

First, my quotes from We Barbarians' song "Yesmen and Bumsuckers" were meant to be an ironic contrast to the topic of grace. What I meant by including them was to ask the question, "How do I perceive others and how do they perceive me?" Do I naturally perceive others as a treacherous threat? Do they perceive me as un-forgiving and wishing them harm? Is it true? Am I graceless and malicious? Hopefully not, but I actually live somewhere between treacherous and Christlike. Ken Nair calls that status "semi-Christlike." My goal is to constantly be moving towards Christlikeness. Like all of us married men, I get to practice on my wife. That's how she "helps" me. Hope that brings some clarity. More to follow.

All the best, Kim


  1. Oh, what a good sport your wife is!

    And I, I feel very semi-Christlike today. It is not always an easy place to be.