Wednesday, October 3, 2007

P4E.043 Unpacking 3

Grace is just one of the attributes of God that I strive to imitate. There's also patience, non-judgement, forgiveness, strength and peace just to name a few. I know in the past I have encouraged people to "go to church" in the hopes that they might meet God there. Some churches even advertise that they are a place where people can "meet God."

The big flaw in the idea of sending people off to church to meet God is that it let's me off the hook. I have to ask myself these questions: "Why would I send anyone somewhere else to meet God? Isn't the idea that I'm supposed to represent Him by being Christlike myself? To be His ambassador? To be a light on a hill, drawing people to Him? Isn't that exactly the model of God made man in Christ? (No, I'm not implying that I become God, only Christ-like!) The difference between Christ and me is that I'm imperfect. Striving, but imperfect. But, that's the hope that someone like me can give to others. That one doesn't have to be perfect to approach God (impossible anyway). Can I represent Him well and not be perfect? I say yes...

I have to face the fact that the reason I would tell people to go to church to meet God is that I'm not willing to do the WORK required to represent Him well. What work? Well, it's partially just manifesting those attributes which I find it so hard to imitate....patience, non-judgement, forgiveness, strength, peace, get the idea...

Your Ally in the Pursuit of Christlikeness, Kim


  1. Kim,
    I like your emphasis on character here, or what is called Christian or spiritual formation. I do see this as critical if we together are to do the best in representing Christ to the world.

  2. What a fine observation.

    And, after all, if we send someone to church won't he just see people, and thus we are confronted with the same issue?

    It is an interesting question to consider how and where people ultimately encounter God.