Thursday, June 4, 2009

P4E.109 Question Authority Redux

Tiananmen Square, June 5, 1989

In 1616, the Roman Catholic Church suspended the work done by Nicolaus Copernicus that asserted that the earth revolves around the sun and labelled the idea as "false and altogether opposed to Holy Scripture."

I wanted to quickly follow up on the Question Authority post. I think it is important to ask questions and I want to explain my interest in a more direct way.

I'm interested in questioning the "authorities" who have defined Christianity, what it means to be a Christian and especially those who have defined husband's and wive's roles in a Christian marriage.

In particular, I question how and why, as American Christians, we find ourselves reduced to being defined by the issues of abortion, homosexuality, and evolution. I question how and why we got consigned to the conservative right wing of the Republican party. I question how and why we willingly relinquished our roles as defenders of the defenseless and the caregivers to the poor.

I question those who've defined the roles of husbands and wives in the Christian community. The definitions of "head" for husband and "submissive" for wives that the Christian community have created are particularly onerous.

I question those who would have us believe that we are not part of a community of Believers if we do not attend services at a formal church facility on Sunday.

I question those who tell us that, as Believers, we need to be culturally relevant to attract non-believers to the Faith.

I question those who distilled our entire religious belief system into "Four Spiritual Laws," and relegated Feelings to the caboose of the train pulled by the engine of Fact and the coal car of Faith.

I question those who would unwaveringly claim to have a lock on the truth and the only true interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

After Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Door (1517) he was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church and branded an "outlaw."

Peace, Kim