Wednesday, June 10, 2009

P4E.110 Do I Make You Feel That Way?

The basic question that Twitter asks is, "What are you doing?"

A more probing and revealing question that I'm learning to ask is,
"Do I make you feel that way?"

So far this week, I've experienced these feelings:

unjustly attacked
bewildered by another's anger
unable to rationalize with another's anger
like I'm a bother
like I don't have what it takes

I have no end to the ways that I can offend people. I'm trying to acknowledge that there is some seed of truth in the criticisms I've gotten this week, but that's the practical lesson.

On the other hand is the spiritual lesson. What is the reason for this particular set of circumstances that brought on these feelings? Is it so that I can understand how it feels to feel them? When I do recognize how awful it is to feel these feelings, I ask myself, "Have I ever made anyone else feel this way?" Many times the answer is "Yes, I have." And, more often than not, it's my wife and children that I've offended. It gives me the opportunity to acknowledge how wrong I have been, to apologize for it, to ask forgiveness and to promise to do my best not to repeat.

I feel like a broken record , but this approach also gives me the opportunity to connect with Christ by asking the question "Did He ever feel that way?" In many instances, I'm sure that He did experience the feelings that I do. That was the point wasn't it? To experience what we experience and remain sinless? When I think of my own reaction to the relatively mild circumstances that brought about my feeling "unjustly attacked," I can hardly imagine what Christ felt at His trial, flogging, mocking and crucifixion. But, it's a start.

So my question for those of you who know me is "Do I make you feel that way?"

Peace, Kim