Monday, July 6, 2009

P4E.112 Goodbye, MJ 1958-2009

When celebrity figures like MJ die, it begs questions. What is the meaning of life? What have I done that compares to MJ? Would I have exchanged places with him? What did he do that endeared him to so many? Is celebrity worth the price one pays for it? Are the lives of the rich and famous to be envied? Would it be better to be rich? Why do so many identify with MJ? If my own life were laid bare, would it seem as quirky and sensational? What happens after you die? Where is MJ now? What will my own legacy be? Will it be ok if consists of other than money and fame?

When celebrities die it shocks us. Is MJ really dead? How can that be? He was 50 when he died. Was he really that old? I'm already 52. I'm snapped to the reality that all living things die. MJ "went the way of all flesh." Yes, even MJ! He is already on the other side of that veil that separates the physical from the spiritual, the living from the dead. Is he looking back? Is he saying anything to us from there? Some claim to have already seen his ghost at Neverland.

What will happen to his money? What will happen to those he cared for and called his own? Who will get his things? How will others profit from his passing? Did he really do those things he was accused of? Will he be buried with his brain?

Macabre. Sensational. Prurient.

What am I doing with my life? Will anyone care when I go? Have I done more good than harm? Please, tell me I'm a good person. That I have made a positive difference in people's lives. That I set a good example. That I'll be remembered fondly when I'm gone. I know that not all will think so. You don't have to tell me that. There are some who will always criticize, who will not forgive and will not be forgiven.

What causes might be valued more highly than entertainment and by whom? Is it more than ok to labor in obscurity? Is it more than ok to be poor? Is it more than ok to be average? Are looks only skin deep? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Is one man's ceiling another man's floor? Is one man's trash another's treasure?

What will prepare me for the other side of the veil?

Can I become more spiritual in preparation for eternity?

That's the name of the game, isn't it?
Peace, Kim

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