Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P4E.119 Old Green Eyes

The other day a monster appeared.
Surprised me at first.
I allowed him to stay.
He had green eyes.

Clung to my back, claws digging in.
We became one, he and me.
Burning emerald coals, glaring over my shoulder.
"What if..."

"I were eternally youthful?"
"I had the Midas touch?"
"I were tall and handsome and popular?"
"I knew women watched me smiling out of the corner of their eye?"
"I were a world travelling jet-setter?"

"I wore haute couture?"
"I drove an Alfa Romeo (pearl white convertible, please)?"
"I had charisma?"
"I had a Rolex and a laptop and an IPhone?"
"I were a talented artist?"

"I had a wit?"
"I could play guitar and make people cry?"
"I could write?"
"I could cook?"
"I had athletic prowess?"

"I had the mind of Einstein?"
"I had good taste?"
"I could influence people?"
"I had power?"
"I were famous?"

"I AM?"

Digging his claws in further,
he mocks
"You, don't"
"You AREN'T"

I cringe.
I get disgusted with him.
I don't believe him and he's not wanted around here anymore.
Him and his green eyes.
He loosens his grip and tries to pretend he's not there.

But, every once in a while I hear him laughing at me.

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