Monday, June 7, 2010

P4E.155 The Best Safety Device is a Careful Man - Part 16

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A safe man is careful with - His life

I'm not saying that we should be careful with whether we'll save our lives or lose them, but how we live them. I've been thinking alot about what is different about my life 'now' as opposed to 'then.' 'Then' my Belief consisted of going to church once a week, not swearing (at least when anyone was within earshot), listening to Christian radio (even still, I was cynical about what I was hearing), espousing the appropriate (conservative, patriotic) political viewpoints, possibly attending a mid-week men's Bible study and condemning the immorality of the 'world' (even though I secretly took part in it in my heart). No, there was not a lot of Bible reading or prayer. Conveniently, I didn't drink and I didn't smoke.

Honestly, my Belief did not consist of much more than that! All the while I was posing as a Believer. I was the classic 'white-washed tomb.' I looked good on the outside, but on the inside I was a disgusting, dead, decaying, black mess. And the place where that black slime oozed out home. My wife Gwen and my sons knew/experienced the real Kim. They suffered the hypocrisy and now I suffer for it by having relationships with them that are less than God's best for our lives. God is gracious and with a lot of work, those relationships are being healed.

As always, I'm hoping that by my telling you about me that you can learn lessons from my mistakes and avoid making them yourselves.

"This is your life.....Are you who you wanna be?" Jon Foreman/Switchfoot

Blessings, Kim

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