Tuesday, August 17, 2010

P4E.171 Now What?

Let's suppose you've checked off all of the pre-requisites of Christianity:

aAccepted Christ as your personal lord and savior.
aMade decision about baptism.
aAttend church every weekend and a demographically appropriate mid-week study.
aPray before meals and read Bible.
aAdopted appropriate views on the authorship, accuracy and infallibility of Scripture.
aAdopted appropriate views of Christ's deity.
aAdopted appropriate views on evolution/creation.
aAdopted appropriate views on homosexuality.
aAdopted appropriate views on abortion.
aAdopted appropriate views on capital punishment.
aAdopted all other appropriate political views and vehemently defend them.
aAdopt the appropriate patriotic stance and defend the Constitution (for US Christians).
aMade decision about speaking in tongues.
aPay tithe and thereby support evangelistic missions.
aLearn everything there is to know about "end times" and decide for pre, post or a-millenial rapture.
aUnilaterally condemn all "cults" who do not share the above views with you or your church.
aVolunteer at church as usher, in nursery, Sunday school, Bible study or home group leader.

Now what?

The reason I'm asking is that as I listen to the mainstream Christian media and culture it seems that this checklist encompasses the whole of Christianity as practiced here in the US. Forgive me for believing and contending that there must be more.

My reasons for saying so are that I used to be the person who had the list all checked off and was still a miserable, horrible, wicked, husband, father and human being. And, that since I've been made well, I know others who have the list dutifully checked and are the same. I'm hoping to explore the answer to "Now what?" If you have any suggestions I'd certainly like to hear them.



  1. If I check off the entire list
    "but do not have love
    I am nothing...
    I gain nothing" 1 Cor 13

    above all these things
    put on love,
    which is the bond of perfection. Col 3:14

  2. Actually, I started asking this question a few years ago too. For now, I'm seeking Spiritual Direction and formation from a local retreat center. It is a slow process, but I'm beginning to come to grips with how to think of my relationship with God as, well, a relationship.

  3. My husband and I have gone through this and found that we had missed an important "point" in our faith-walk: letting Christ live through us. So often we as American Christians try to do all the right things, but Jesus wants us to fall on Him, lean into His strength, and allow Him to truly live His life through us. As I begin to grasp that, I find such joy and peace, things I never knew before when I was just trying to check off a list. :) BTW, welcome to HCB! Glad you're here.

  4. Charis - Thanks and you're definitely on the track where I'm heading!

    Marcus - This is also where I'm heading, relationships. It's slow because relationships take time to build. (Also, thanks for the help with HCB)

    Dena - Also, right on. I'm hoping to dig in and examine what that really looks like. Thanks for the welcome!