Friday, October 1, 2010

P4E.183 Ecce Homo 2

The qualities that make a man a MAN vary widely depending on whether we're using a worldly value system or a spiritual one. I offer my own list (in no particular order) of character qualities of the spiritually whole man (and, since this blog is directed towards them in particular, husbands). I create this list as much to remind and encourage myself as I do you.
  • Faithful (to God and to his wife. Faithful with his body, eyes and thoughts.)
  • Honest (in his relationships as well as his business dealings.)
  • Wise (excercising discernment and seeing God in everyone and everything.)
  • Understanding (cuts through confusion between right and wrong.)
  • Truthful (in spirit as well as speech. Straight and True.)
  • Loving (in a self-sacrificial way.)
  • Humble (thinking more of others than himself.)
  • Protective (of his own, his wife's and children's spirits, time and physical needs.)
  • Peaceful and Patient (bringing a spiritual and eternal perspective to his own life and those in his care.)
  • Good, Kind and Gentle (bringing the natural tendency to be otherwise under self-control.)
  • Thoughtful and Caring (letting his wife and children know he's always thinking about them.)
  • Self-aware (being able to know when he has offended those close to him.)
  • Courageous (overcoming fear of rejection, abuse and physical harm to do the right thing.)
  • Reverent (worshipful, respectful and reliant upon God.)
  • Guiding (able to pass on knowledge to help wife and children to spiritual maturity)
  • Gracious and Merciful (overlooking the faults of others and following God's lead in forgiving them.)
  • Organized (formulates plans and makes decisions based on how they further the plan.)
  • Giving (having a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.)
  • Encouraging (able to exhort to excel and not discourage.)
  • Teachable (not arrogant, knows that there is much to learn.)
  • Strong (in his determination to develop the character qualities that define him as a spiritual man.)
What else would you add (I'm especially interested in what wives would add)?

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