Monday, November 8, 2010

P4E.189 Do You Think Your Wife is Stupid?

The Real Reason That The Allies Won WW II! 

Recently, friends (who shall remain unnamed) came to visit. While they were there, my son Ben saw something he thought was funny and shared it with us on his Blackberry. It was the image shown above. Ben showed the husband first. He laughed and said "She won't get it," meaning his wife. She understandably bristled and said "What? Let me see." When she looked at it, she said to her husband, "Why do you think I wouldn't get that?" He said, "Well, it had Winston Churchill and Hitler and I just didn't think you'd know who they were." His wife was obviously hurt and just shook her head.

In his book "Discovering the Mind of a Woman," Ken Nair says that there are some prejudices that men carry around and one of them is that "Women are Inferior to Men." Ken describes how God used a visit with a lawyer to show him his own prejudice towards his wife, Nancy:

""Walking back to the car, I asked Nancy, "Do you remember when the lawyer talked about such and such?" She replied, "Yes." And with a desire to help, I inquired, "Do you know what he was talking about?" She answered, "Yes." Doubting, I questioned, "What was he talking about?" She proceeded to clearly explain the topic to me...God is clever. All of a sudden the thought hit me: You know what, Nair, you really think your wife is stupid.""

To my shame, I have done exactly the same thing, questioning my wife about how something is supposed to be done or how the dogs or horses are supposed to be trained. Gwen's response many times is "I think I know what I'm doing, Kim. I've only been doing this about 40 years."

So, what about you? Do you think your wife is stupid? God help us to overcome this male prejudice.

From The Honeymooners:
Ralph Kramden: "Men have done all the great things. Men! Men are the reason that the world is in the shape that it is today!"
Alice Kramden: "Well, I'm sure glad to hear one of you admit it!"

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  1. There is a disease out there about this. And Kim, how many women think their husbands are stupid. It goes both ways and I'm sure you'll post about that too!