Thursday, November 18, 2010

P4E.191 Releasing Liz

I did not know you.
I wanted to help you and yours.
I tried to get your attention.
You ignored me.
Your disregard was purposeful.
I walked away.
You insulted me behind my back.
I turned and asked you a simple question.
You denied being who you were.
The consequences would fall on yours.
You sent a child to apologize for your offense.
It hurt my heart as it was not her place to apologize.
It turned out you were who you said you were not.
You lied.
You lied on top of your lies.
You excused yourself with more lies.
Instead, you accused me.
I only wanted to help.
I apologized if I offended you.
I shook your hand and gave you a hug.
I release you from your offense to me.
I hold no grudge.
No ill will do I bear you.
Go in peace.
When we meet again it will be for the first time.

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