Thursday, July 12, 2012

P4E.244 Beaten

Empty, stretched thin
like the next hurt will tear

Disconnected and alone air

Living life from afar
detached from effect
and from cause

Haunted by the thought
that nothing matters

That when I'm gone
time and the Cosmos
will not pause

Will all that was said and done
be lost?

Broken, distracted
misty eyed and dejected

Wanting to fight back
but, at what cost?

Exposed and vulnerable
scared and about to give up

Beaten and bruised
without friends or hope

Where are You?
Where are You?
I hurt
You're not there

Looking for You
Listening for You
I need You
You're not there


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  1. Ah, Kim.

    I like the "ing's" in the end stanza. A kind of singing, in its way. Perhaps a dirge.

  2. L.L., You know, I didn't even realize I did that with the "ings"? And, yes a dirge. Definitely a dirge.

  3. Gem (your name shall remain unchanged to protect the innocent!) I am OK! I did have a tinge of these feelings this week. I have definitely fully felt these things in the past. And, I know others who have as well. I wanted to challenge myself to write a poem and this is the result!