Thursday, July 12, 2007

P4E.031 Just Do It

"Just Do It"
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After the last post, I know some of you might be asking yourselves, "Well, just what does it mean to "immerse" yourself in the Holy Spirit? It sounds like more Christian mumbo jumbo, lingo, platitudes." "What does that look like?"

For me, it looks like exercising my spirit muscle over my flesh muscle. One is always going to be stronger than the other and will win out in the ongoing battle. Leaders in Life Partners talk about a "shortcut to Christlikeness." The shortcut is doing exactly the opposite of what feels like a natural response in any given challenging situation. This is nearly impossible if I'm "in the flesh." My flesh muscle being so much stronger than my spirit muscle. But, every time I'm able to choose a spiritual response over a fleshly one, my spirit muscle is strengthened. It becomes imprinted with a more Christlike response.

To be more precise I'm making efforts, with God's help, to change the way I think, act and talk. So when I want to get angry and yell, I remain calm and stay quiet. When I want to withdraw and sulk, I must push myself to remain connected and communicative. When I feel tired and overwhelmed, I look to God for strength and stay strong for those around me. When I want to defend myself, I take my share of responsibility. When I want to hoard, I give. When my flesh wants me to look at something I know I shouldn't be looking at, I look the other way. When I want to accuse, I withhold judgement. When I want to procrastinate, I just do it. Get the idea?

Of course, I'm not always successful in these efforts. But having found a way that I know is true...that is denying the flesh...I am better able to gauge my own connectedness to the spirits' of God, my family and those I come in contact with. It's getting easier to recognize when I'm "in the flesh" and my wife, Gwen, is always so much more willing to forgive me when I'm able to acknowledge that I was wrong, ask for forgiveness and "repent" of that wrongdoing. There's always challenging physical circumstances that God uses to teach me spiritual lessons. I feel most like I've passed the test when I respond with my spirit and not with my flesh.

Dave Dufour, a Life Partners Leader, spoke briefly last week about fasting and I was blown away by his words. He was talking about what starts happening in the first, fourth, seventh day and beyond of fasting. Honestly, I've never fasted that long. But, the idea of saying no to my flesh's desire for food for the purpose of focusing on my spirit and what God's Holy Spirit has to teach me is sounding ever better. I know, I know....I need to Just Do It!!

Peace, Kim

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  1. The odd thing about denying the flesh is that it can actually be for the future benefit of the flesh. We simply seem to have a short-term view at times.

    Thanks for popping in at Seedlings. It was good to hear from you again.