Friday, February 26, 2010

P4E.130 If God Can Make a Man From Mud, Can He Make Stone From Nothing?

We wanted to have a platform/patio in our back yard. I designed and drew it and we hired a contractor to build it. We got a deal from a local materials supplier, so we bought the stone for the floor and steps in bulk and stored it until we needed it. Everything was going swimmingly until I got a call from our contractor, Frank.

"Kim, I'm calling to let you know that we don't have enough of the stone for the floor and steps. We need 300 square feet and you only have 275."

In the past, this was just the sort of thing that would start to get me angry. I would say to myself, "Great, some architect you are. Can't even take-off the square footage of your own little patio. What an idiot!" That would be just the beginning. But, having recently been encouraged to exercise some self-control (a fruit of the spirit) I tried not to even sound upset. I said,

"That's ok, Frank, you were headed to the materials yard anyway, go ahead and pick up some more when you get there."

Problem solved. No fuming or fussing. Until the call came a couple of hours later:

"Uh, Kim, I'm here at the materials yard and they don't have any more of that stone that you bought...They checked their other store and they don't have it there either."

Another chance to be upset. Normally, this kind of thing would send me over the moon. The stone I had bought was actually mounted on a sort of plastic mesh. An unusually colored slate, it was manufactured specifically for this material supplier who only had two locations. On top of it all, I had purchased what I had on sale. There was a real chance that I wouldn't be able to use the stone I bought at all and that I would have to buy a whole different stone.

But, I had been studying some Scripture about anger and I remembered that Proverbs 14 says "He who is slow to anger has great understanding, But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly." I really wanted to get more understanding and I had been working on softening my spirit. I simply told Frank,

"Frank, don't worry about it. Come on back and we'll figure something else out."

They say that attitude is everything. I remember actually being self-aware that this was a test and that the outcome would depend on how I handled my attitude towards the situation. I remember feeling truly peaceful, not forced. Not like I was barely holding it together, but that I was a bigger better person than to let something as small as this get my goat. The phone rang again...

"Kim, I've got some good news!"


"You know how I told you that they didn't have any more of the stone here? Well, that was based on them checking the computer. As I was walking out, I thought 'I wonder if they actually checked the yard?' So, I asked them to check it and, sure enough, they found exactly the amount we need to finish the job."


"And, I have more good news!"

"What's better than that?"

"I told them who I was buying this for and they saw that you had purchased a large amount during the sale, so they're going to sell this to us at the sale price!"

So, my question is, "If God can make a man from mud, can he make stone from nothing?" I'm wondering if the computer was correct about there being no stock in the yard. I know people will think I'm crazy, but I imagined God poised, waiting to see my reaction to the bad news I was hearing and when He saw that my attitude was right, He materialized exactly the amount of stone I needed to finish my project. Everybody say "hmmmm"

I wish I could say that I always have control of my temper. I don't. But, I'm aware of the circumstances that lead to my losing it and do what I can to keep them in check. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Peace, Kim


  1. wow indeed.
    here from 31DBBB
    glad that I read your story
    God is Great and keeps blowing our minds away.
    have a good day

  2. Although I loved your message, you really struck home with me on a point you probably didn't even know you made.

    I tend to take personal responsibility for everything that happens. I love it when you said,

    "That's ok, Frank, you were headed to the materials yard anyway, go ahead and pick up some more when you get there."

    I wouldn't have done that. I would have started getting mad about what "I" was going to have to do about it. It was his job and you put trust in him to figure it out and saved yourself a lot of work and worry.

    Thanks, I needed that.

  3. Man, I have been in more situations like that than I care to remember. Maybe if I had trusted the Lord like you did I would care to remember them. I needed that encouragement today--thank you, Kim.
    P.S. -- Let's just go ahead and agree, God made the stone appear!

  4. Thanks for being "real" in this blog. I enjoyed it.


  5. Phillip - That 31DBBB project is going to be helpful isn't it? Thanks for dropping by!

    Kevin - I'm a micromanager from way back! It is difficult to put trust in other people sometimes. But, if we don't start we never will. Thanks!

    R. Snipes - I like to think He did!

    Ronnie - Thank you. It takes one to know one! Let's start a "get real" movement!

  6. That is a great story. I too wonder how many times God is poised and waiting to bless us in a supernatural way and we allow our attitude and reactions to get in the way of it. We should all consider this on a daily basis. Well... probably even more often than that.